The clear turquoise waters of the Bahamas are a breathtaking view that can lure one to be just above its waters and be mystified by its beauty. There is no better way to take part with this enticing invitation than aboard one of the Bahamas yacht charters.
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Nassau is the Bahamian national capital city of the Islands of the Bahamas located on New Providence Island, a neighbor to Paradise Island. Nassau Bahamas like any other capital, is the center of industry and commerce in the Bahamas.
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When you’re at the amazing and breathtaking islands of the Bahamas, the best way to perfect your vacation is by staying on the best hotels and resorts in the island. Bahamas resorts can give you that ideal and dream vacation that you have been looking forward to.
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Cruises to the Bahamas are mostly available year-round, however, booking your trip at least six months before the schedule is much advisable so that you get the best deals. Most cruise ships that travel to the Bahamas depart from Port Canaveral or Miami.
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The Bahamas islands has over seven hundred islands, mostly untouched and uninhabited. It stretches out to a one hundred thousand-square-mile archipelago that extends over five hundred miles of the clearest water in the world.
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