Incentive Travel Program Results - Interview with Steve Trout, Owner, Brightway Insurance - Learn how incentive travel programs produce results to motivate your team to get more sales.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 05:05 PM Comment(s) By Randy Mauldin

Incentive travel programs act as a motivational tool to enhance productivity from your team when you offer lifetime memories, instead of a cash bonuses that quickly fade into paying bills. 

Incentive programs are more than giving away a cruise. 

Watch the interview to see how 
Steve Trout, Owner, Brightway Insurance
uses the 5 elements of an incentive travel program to improve sales.

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His results include...

  • Increased Auto Policy Sales by 30%
  • Increased Flood Insurance Sales by 40%
  • More Quotes For Hurricane Supplement Policy
  • Made success FUN
  • Rewarded Top Performer

As you can see, a properly created incentive program is more than an cruise. 

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